Monday, January 30, 2012

Fundraising and postcards

While on the road, I've been brainstorming a bit, and I think I have an idea that may interest all of you.

I've been considering whether or not to commit to doing the Ride to Conquer Cancer, a 3 day ride in New South Wales later in the year. Participants agree to raise a certain amount of money for charity as sponsorship for the ride. It seems like an awesome event, but I was unsure of how I'd go about raising the money. Which is where my current trip comes in.

Here's the deal: A $25 donation to sponsor me for the Ride to Conquer Cancer buys you a postcard from a scenic town in (probably) rural New Zealand, with a personalized message - if you want one - sent anywhere in the world. All of your donation goes towards the charity; I'll cover the cost of the postcard and postage as my contribution, though if you'd like to add an extra $3 to cover it yourself, I won't say no.

If you've got a particular town on my route that you'd like to get a postcard from, nominate it and I'll do my best to send you a postcard from there. If I can't, I'll send it to you from the next suitable spot on my route. If you've got a particular message you'd like, you can request that too.

I'll set up a system of some sort to get this organized in the next few days. In the meantime, if you're interested, leave a note in the comments. If you'd like to join in, say so, and I'll take it on trust until things are sorted out.

Oh, and last of all, thanks to Jayce for giving me the idea!

Update: If you'd like to do this, go here for all the details and to donate!


  1. I'm in Nick. Send a postcard from Hamilton to :-

    Graeme Williams
    Unit B, 22 Hall St
    Waltham MA 02453

    with the message :-

    "Tony thinks you should both follow my footsteps - cycle New Zealand."

    When you're set up I'll send you $28.

    // Tony

    1. Okay, everything's set up - go here ( for details of how to donate. Thanks Tony!