Sunday, March 4, 2012


So, I was going to head back to Kaikoura today to resume my trip from where I left off. I'd booked a train ticket; the train left at 7. I got up and ready, got on my bike, and immediately got a severe cramp in my leg. After riding halfway to the station it was apparent that it wasn't going to improve, and that cycling 70+km today simply wasn't going to happen, so I had to give up and go back.

I've been getting cramps for the last few days, though I'm mystefied as to why, since I've not been exercising much since my last tour day. I thought - or at least really, really hoped - that I'd seen the last of them, but that appears to not be the case.

Given the combination of cramps and weather, and my deadline for returning to work starting to loom, it looks like I'm going to have to, at a minimum, skip the Kaikoura to Christchurch leg, and possibly cut even more off my trip. Eliminating the Kaikoura to Christchurch leg hurts the most, though, since that means I won't have done the South Island contiguously either.



  1. Damn! Not cool. Injuries are the worst - when's the deadline for going back to work?