Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 8: Auckland to Pukekawa

Distance: 70k
Distance so far: 467.1k
Speed: 16.1k/h

Runkeeper logs: 1 2

Going from Hamilton to Auckland, I have a number of possible routes, with varying levels of directness, danger, hills, and pleasant scenery. After some consideration, I've decided to break the trip up into 2 days, rather than one marathon day, and take a route away from the main highways - which means slightly more in the way of hills, but an altogether more pleasant ride. It also lets me visit this rather nice sounding hostel that's right along my proposed route.

Another early morning today, as I set off from Auckland, getting started a little before 7AM, hoping to avoid the worst of the suburban traffic. This was in vain, unfortunately, with the roads already pretty busy by the time I got on them. The first 25k or so, as I wended my way first through Auckland's eastern suburbs, then along Great South Road, were a bit hairy, but motorists were generally careful around me. Nevertheless, I was glad to get out of the suburbs and onto quieter, more rural roads.

I bet you didn't know potatoes grew in sacks.
The weather today, was wonderful - blue skies and fluffy white clouds, warm but not scorching, and no wind to speak of - absolutely perfect for riding. I made good time until about kilometer 30, where I encountered the first of the two hills in today's ride. Climbing slowed me down, naturally, but the hill wasn't particularly tall or steep, and it's far too nice a day to be put in a bad mood by a hill or two.

The road goes ever on and on...

At some point along the route, I passed out of Auckland and into the Waikato:

Shortly after the hill, I stopped in Tuakau for a coffee break and a bit of late breakfast, then set out for the final 18k or so to my accommodations for the night.

The place I'm staying tonight is called Shekinah Farm, a remote little hostel conveniently placed about halfway between Auckland and Hamilton. It's quite lovely, and I'm staying in a little cabin apart from the main house:

The view from my cabin is... well, see for yourself:

Tomorrow, I continue on to Hamilton. It'll be about the same distance as today, but almost entirely flat. I'm looking forward to it.


  1. Been following along with your adventures. You are currently staying merely a few kilometers from where I lived for a few years in the mid-90s! Enjoy Pukekawa.

    1. Pukekawa was a bit of a non-event. It had a general store, and that was closed. :P